Next, On a very special Veronica Mars

Most people know that I am unhealthily obsessed with the TV show, Veronica Mars. I look forward to each and every new episode and, a few times the episodes have been pretty intense and I even have a hard time falling asleep after watching it. I know, crazy right?

The episode that came on last night was the first new one in about 2 months. A couple of weeks ago, they started airing commercials for it and apparently it revolved around prejudice with Arabs. O-kay. . .

But I thought, it can’t be bad. I mean, it’s freakin Veronica Mars.

And then I watched it. Man oh man.

It was LAME.

So Veronica takes the case of a Middle Eastern Restuarant that gets vandalized by someone spray painting Terrorist on their restaurant.

You know what Veronica says?

“Guess it’s a bad time to be Arab in America.”

Yeah. It’s 2007. It’s been a bad time to be Arab in America FOR A LONG TIME NOW.

Didn’t 7th Heaven already do an episode of helping out the Muslims? God Bless You Camdens!

And what of Crash? This was a rehash of one of the movie’s many intertwining storylines.

This episode was so cliched and bad. It hurt me. The only good part was Mac.

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