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I found out late last week that the latest Canon digital camera was out, the one I had been waiting for. So, I ventured out yesterday to see if I can find it in stores.

I hit up Best Buy first. They didn’t have it on display. I asked the guy about it and he said something about the difference in naming of Canon cameras between the U.S. and Europe. Using hand motions, I explained that I knew about the difference but that there actually is a new model out, not just in name. He hadn’t heard of it.

I went to Circuit City. They didn’t have it on display. I asked the guy about it and, while he actually knew what I was talking about, he said he wasn’t sure when Circuit City will get them.

So then Fry’s. They, too, didn’t have it on display. As I was waiting to talk to someone about cameras in the unexpectedly busy camera section of Fry’s, I peered into the digital camera drawer as one salesperson was getting a camera out for a couple.

There I saw it, the Canon SD850IS. Boxes of them.

I tried so hard to contain my excitement that I didn’t notice the lady next to me asking if I need help. I calmly told her about the 850IS in the drawer and how I was interested in that. She took it out for me and, pointing to the features listed on the box, told me how many megapixels it is and what the zoom is. “I know,” I told her. There’s no way I’m going to buy electronics until I know all there is about them.

And then it all went too fast.

Right away, she took the box over to the computer and started getting my information. I started to panic inside. Yes, I did need to get a camera. Yes, I knew how much it was going to cost. Finally, yes, I did want this particular camera. But lady, just give me a second to breathe and take it all in, y’know?

She starts talking about having only 15 days to return it and, if the seal is broken, there will be a 5% charge. Do I want a 2 year warranty? 4 years? 5??

I started talking nonsense: “So, you know, people that buy them, right? What is the percentage of the ones they buy that are defective that they return?”

The lady looked at me with a blank expression. “What?”

I clarified my rambling by asking about how many actually are returned if they are defective. She told me that it doesn’t really happen.

I started feeling a bit better and I got it. Although, I have yet to open it. It’s still sitting on the floor of my room in a Fry’s bag. After I gain a bit more confidence, I’ll break the seal.

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  1. The 800IS is still a very good camera. In fact, it has a wider angle that sets it apart from the 850IS, so that’s cool.

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