The Ol’ Shoe Switcheroo

Yesterday started off like any other.

I settled into my cubicle at work and in a little while, I got up to go to the restroom. While I walked, I heard laces hitting against my shoes. This is strange because the Nikes that I usually wear with my jeans don’t have laces. I looked down at my feet.

Left foot – My black Nike shoe
Right foot – My black Asics gym shoe.

My shoes are scattered in one area in the garage and these two pairs are right near each other. In my hurry, I had just slipped my feet into the shoes, limped to the car, and adjusted them while I was driving.

I stared down at my feet for a little while longer. I didn’t. . . I mean. . . I wouldn’t, I couldn’t right? But I did.

I wore two different shoes to work.

I told a coworker about it and when he looked, he said he wouldn’t have noticed. They were both black and looked similar from the top. However, from the sides the shoes looked different.

I didn’t quite know what to do so I just went to the restroom as previously planned. As I walked, I noticed that I wasn’t level because, as a gym shoe, the Asics shoe was more cushioned. Therefore, I wasn’t balanced. Hence, I felt like a fool.

Here’s the thing – I probably could have kept out of sight for the rest of the day and try to hide my shame, but I had to go somewhere after work. I couldn’t possibly wear two different shoes. Even though the possibilities of someone really noticing them were slim, I couldn’t take the chance. It didn’t matter if anyone else knew because I knew.

At lunch, I walked over to the shoe store (like an unbalanced moron) and tried to find something. Not just a pair that could tide me over, but a pair that I actually wanted. And, a pair that wasn’t black.

I eventually found a pair and changed my shoes in my car. I felt better, less dork-like.

This is one of those things, folks. If you ever feel bad about yourself and wonder, ‘gee whiz can there really be anybody stupider than me,’ read this entry. Because at least you didn’t wear two different pairs of shoes to work.

Pictures (at Soerha’s request) – First the top view. They don’t look too different:
Not Too Different

Side view- They look more different here:
Side View

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  1. Whoops – posted intitally against wrong blog. Seems we are related after all….. Very funny. Advice: Cousin says to ALWAYS have a spare set of shoes in the workplace. Funny though – happened to a friend of mine many years ago (but she was a little….. not sharp….)

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