“Islam In America” article in Newsweek

Newsweek recently published a story about Islam In America, a Special Report in which they discuss how Muslims are well integrated in the U.S., despite a few troubling trends present within the Muslim society.

Newsweek could have done a really good job with this article. Yes, it was positive for the most part, but it was nothing new. It’s essentially a regurgitation of the findings of the Pew Research Center’s study on Muslims in America that was released earlier this year, which the article refers to quite a bit. Also, while the article starts off positively and contains mostly optimistic language, it ends on a somber note. Is the article worth reading? Sure why not. Just click on the link.

If you pick it up in the bookstore and read it, however, be mindful of the article on Al-Qaeda that directly precedes the Islam in America article. Way to frame the message, Newsweek.

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