The Obsession with Names

Ever since Jonathon’s Post a while back about name ranks, I’ve been kind of obsessed with where my name shows up when it’s Googled.

A search for my first and last name gives way to a search result set with links to stuff pertaining to me, like this site, one I do for the media committee I’m on, and a few others.

But really, how hard is that? There aren’t many Bushra Burneys around. The true test would be to search for Bushra and see where it got me.

Answer: Nowhere. Pages and pages of results and nothing about me or this site.

I had initially done the search a couple of months ago. Yesterday, I did a search of my first name again and found this blog on the 3rd page of results.

Watch out Bushras of the world. . . I’m gaining.

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