Aliens in America

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I caught Aliens in America on TV the other day, the new show on the CW that debuted on Monday. The premise, if you’ve been living under a rock is this: A Pakistani Exchange student comes to live with an unsuspecting American family in Wisconsin. The mom was expecting some good looking Nordic kid that would make her own son, Justin, more popular at school. Instead, the family got shalwaar kameez and kufi wearing Raja from Pakistan.

I heard before that the show does a good job of portraying Raja as a real person and not just some steretype. I had my doubts when he came off the plane and acted, y’know, strange, but the actor and character came around. The funniest scene was Raja’s first day and the teacher asked him what it was like to be different. While he was trying to get a protest in, the teacher asked what people thought of Raja and when someone said she was angry at him because of “what his people did to the buildings,” the teacher asked who else was angry. The rest of the class raised their hands. The look on Raja’s face was the dawning realization that life in America wouldn’t be as simple as he thought it would be.

I’ll tune in next week to catch the further hijinks of Justin and Raja.

I have to say, I was a bit surprised at Scott Patterson’s portrayal of the Dad. I was expecting some grumpy guy that wouldn’t care for Raja from the outset. Instead, he was the first one to warm up to him, especially after he saw how Raja washed the dishes without being asked.

I guess I’m so used to seeing Patterson as grumpy, plaid-wearing, backwards baseball cap Luke on Gilmore Girls that I forgot he wasn’t supposed to be Luke.

Yes, I admit I watched Gilmore Girls. Happy? Granted, it got sort of not good (my nice way of saying ‘stupid’) in the final season with all that stuff about Lorelai and Christopher but when Lorelai ended up serenading Luke with “I Will Always Love You” during karaoke night in one of the final episodes, I got all choked up. Shut up. Not a word :p

But, um, y’know, here’s the clip of that:
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