Trying to Figure Out Who to Vote For

Hey, it’s officially my first post on politics!

So here’s the thing – I’ve been struggling to figure out which Democratic candidate to back. I haven’t been able to muster up support for any of the three main Democratic candidates: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards. The three of them have some aspect to them that bother me, especially Clinton. One of the biggest things is their stance on Iraq. Yes, they want to pull out troops from Iraq, but they want some sort of presence still there. That’s just one of the issues I have.

There’s a really good article about this on The Nation titled How Different are the Top Three Dems? The author is trying to figure out who to vote for as well. She then says she might go for the candidate she actually agrees with, Dennis Kucinich. I find this very interesting because I really just learned about this guy a few days ago when I was listening to NewsHour on PBS (88.5 FM in the Bay Area). This guy’s stance on just about every issue coincides with my own: Immediate withdrawal from Iraq without any kind of American presence, universal health care, and so many other issues. Here’s what he has to say about Israel and Palestine:

But the United States must take an even-handed approach. We have to do everything we can to help Israel survive. And Israelis perceive this existential threat; we must be attuned to that. At the same time, the Palestinians are crying for justice that they can’t receive with walls and fences and losing their property.

There has to be a United States presence that assures the survival of the Israelis and the rights of the Palestinians. And, frankly, here again, I’m the only one running for president who’s even talking about this.

Basically, Kucinich is talking about a lot of stuff that the other Democratic candidates, including the top 3, are not talking about. Read the whole transcript of Kucinich on Newshour here. It’s really good stuff folks. This guy is getting my vote.

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