No, I’m not insane. . . but thanks for asking!

My brother’s wedding reception is coming up. The reception from the bride’s side is tomorrow while the one from our side is on Sunday. So, I’m wearing a sari on Sunday. For the second time in my life. Yup.

My mom and sister came back from Pakistan with the sari a little more than a month ago. It finally occurred to me this past weekend that I should, maybe, oh I don’t know, try it on? Well at least the blouse.

So I did try it on. And it was tight. Tight tight.

I panicked.

I talked to my sister’s friend that night at a party we were all at and I told her I had a week to fit into something. So she told me how to go about the week: don’t have any caffeine, sugar, carbs, and milk. So that’s what I’ve been doing since Monday and it’s been hard. I’ve been craving everything under the sun. Granted, I’ve been eating 3 meals a day and haven’t gone hungry but it’s still been hard. I’ve gotten so used to eating stuff in between meals, like a granola bar or something, and treating myself to a cinnamon roll from Cafe Aquarius in Emeryville. I miss you cinnamon rolls. . .

I tried my sari blouse again the other night. It’s still tight, but it’s “the way it’s supposed to be tight.” It’s no longer “last button will fly off and hit someone in the eye” tight. For that I am grateful.

I can’t wait until I don’t have to do this anymore. . .

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