The Ultimate Question

A minor spoiler for the movie follows so don’t read the rest of this if you don’t want to be spoiled at all for Cloverfield.


You’ve been warned.

I caught Cloverfield last night. I enjoyed it but I got distracted a bit half way through because there was a question nagging at my mind, a question I think the movie proposes:

Who would you go back for?

In the movie, Rob forsakes the evacuation of Manhattan and heads back into the city to find the girl he’s in love with, Beth. There’s a pretty good chance she’s dead but that doesn’t stop him from going back into Midtown while the city is being destroyed around him and his friends while a monster is rampaging across town.

Who would be on the list of people I would risk my life for, even with a good chance chance that he or she may already be gone?

And then, the second part of this question (as proposed by my manager): To what length? Do you go all the way until the end or do you give up if the odds seem too great?

I wonder. . .

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