Robots Are Not Humans

So I’m sitting here watching the premier of Knight Rider (a completely unintentional act). KITT, God bless it, saved the daughter of its creator, who was killed (or was he?!) by mysterious henchmen who were after information about the even mysteriouser sounding ‘Promethus Project.’ I know, I know, gripping.

Anyways, the girl was sitting in the KITT’s car, tearing up about her father when KITT started asking about why she was sad, why do humans get like that, etc. The girl explains it to him and they talk stuff like that and ‘feelings.’

The thing is, I was just watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the DVR and the good terminator played by Summer Glau couldn’t understand why humans feel the way they do when someone dies. So John and Sarah, at various points of time, try to explain why humans are the way they are – why humans cry, feel sad, and how she will never understand.

I’m starting to notice a trend here. Robots don’t have feelings AND they are not programmed to understand a human’s feelings.

Our capacity to feel differentiates us from the robots.

And that is why they will win.

(I kid, I kid! Everyone knows that our feelings and emotions will give us the advantage. . . eventually.)

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  1. the new knight rider show had so many plot twists, my mind was blown. prolly because i was so emotionally invested into it. if i were a robot, then i could have followed it all.

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