Quick Oscar Recap – Once Won!!!

The Oscars finished not too long ago and, considering that I hadn’t seen most of the movies, the show wasn’t too bad. There were only two categories where I was really rooting for people/movies:

Persepolis for Best Animated Movie
and ‘Falling Slowly’ for Best Song from the movie Once.

Persepolis lost out to Ratatouille (figures) but Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won for Falling Slowly. Once was one of my favorite movies from last year (even though I can’t really explain why it was) so I was beyond happy when these two won for the song that they wrote and performed within the movie. Although I liked their performance at the Oscars, it didn’t beat the song within the context of the movie. That was something else.

As it happens with all acceptance speeches with more than one person, the orchestra played music over Marketa when it was her turn to talk. But, then something happened that I have never seen in the history of watching the Oscars:

John Stewart, the host, brought her back out again so she could finish what she wanted to say.

Not only did she get a second chance to address the audience, but she utilized that time to say something meaningful. Check it out –

I really wish Persepolis won though. I think it should have been in the best Foreign Language Oscar. I don’t remember the last time I went to the theater when the audience was as transfixed with a movie like they were with Persepolis – laughing one moment and then in somber silence the next. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a while.

Anyways, not a bad Oscar broadcast.

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