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Last night I watched Justice League: The New Frontier, the latest animated straight to DVD movie released by Warners Animation. The first one released was Superman: Doomsday, which I wrote about previously.

The movie, based off a comic book, was animated in an old style manner to mimic the art of the Golden Age. I wasn’t sure how I’d react to it since I’m a huge fan of the modern Justice League animated series, but it worked quite well.
Justice League
The plot of the move revolves around The Centre, an initially unseen enemy that wishes to eradicate the human race because of their destructive ways.

The movie takes place during the Red Scare in which in addition to fear of communists, the public maintained a fear of superheroes. Because of possible ramifications, the superheroes in general are hesitant to use their powers. However since fending off The Centre required the joining of forces of both the American military and various superheroes, an understanding had to be reached. To deflect a standoff between the two groups, Superman gave an impassioned speech as to how they all needed to let go of their fear of each other and band together to fight the common evil.

I really liked the movie – good plot, good animation, and better than the Superman Returns movie (but like I said before, anything is better than that). It makes you think though – maybe what this world needs to combat the constant fear of one another is a common alien enemy. But that wouldn’t be practical, would it.

The next animated movie due to be released straight to DVD is Batman: Gotham Knight, an anime-style Batman movie in which Batman is voiced by the original Batman voice actor from the animated series, Kevin Conroy. Woohoo!

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  1. Hey! I read this and then your previous review of Superman:Doomsday.

    I felt as though the “New Frontier” missed the mark. It really made me long for the Justice League and JLU from more recent times. I thought the voice acting was not up to par and the story was pretty not up to standard. But again, that is my opinion. I also thought the animation was a little weak, but I guess they were trying to go for more of a 1950s feel or something.

    Superman:Doomsday was pretty good. I agree with you on the lameness of the cyborg like replacement Superman which was a clone. I thought the Lois interactions were interesting, especially, the last scene when Superman makes mention of a spelling bee in Smallville. That was a pretty cool way of breaking news.

    Anyways, glad to read your blog, take care!

  2. Hi Rahul, thanks for you comments on the film. I do feel the same way you do about the most recent Justice League. While I did like New Frontier, I would have much preferred a movie based off this most recent universe and in all honesty, I don’t understand why they don’t just do that. I mean, you want this and I want this and together we are representative of roughly 93% of the animated movie watching crowd so they should just produce films based off of the JLU we all know and love already.

    I wish they wouldn’t make a live action JL and make an animated version instead with all the voice actors from the recent series. That would be awesome.

    What I did like with New Frontier over Superman: Doomsday is that I didn’t there was really a dull moment. There were too many slow parts in Doomsday and considering how short it already was, that didn’t sit well with me. Oh well. In the end, I hope they keep on producing animated films in general so we’ll always have something to watch.

  3. You are right about that; Superman:Doomsday basically had the epic battle at the beginning, and then the eye of the hurricane proceeded. The ending fight was not as “awesome” nor “legendary” as the initial.

    I actually winced when Superman coughed blood, and I felt teary eyed when he died. Superman is my dawg. And this is knowing what the ending was already!

    Do you know if there is a Batman-Bane animated movie, about the back breaking and replacement Batman stuff?

    Also, they should elaborate on Amanda Waller’s character.

  4. Dude, I wish there was a Batman/Bane animated movie. That would be awesome. I don’t know if you have seen Batman and Robin (if you haven’t, don’t) but they had Bane in there. Apparently, he was some weirdly skinny psycho guy they pumped full of the juice and made into Poison Ivy’s sidekick. So, they completely messed it up. They called him Bane and he looked like Bane but he wasn’t that character. I absolutely, without a doubt, hate that movie.

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