Kind of Cool

Last Friday, I conducted a presentation at a class at San Jose State with a few other people on behalf of the media committee I belong to. We first did our presentation, which lasted a half hour, and then the class broke off into groups with one member representing the committee in each group. The purpose of this was to answer any questions a student may have either about Islam, the media, or both. This segment last about an hour. I didn’t know that we would do this (break off into groups) but it turned out pretty well.

Anyways, the professor sent an email to one member of our committee to thank him and all of us for taking the time out to go to the class. Here’s what she said about me: “Bushra really helped the girls in the class understand things from a woman’s perspective and she’s such an open person.” That meant a lot. I wasn’t sure if I was just babbling when those girls asked me their questions but I guess it all worked out.

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