Fighting Terrorism One Donut at a Time

I’m sure by now all of you have heard about the whole Rachel Ray might have been wearing a keffiyeh in a Dunkin Donuts ad thing. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin said the scarf was linked to terrorism and all that good stuff.

My coworker found one particular comment on the BBC story that is unfortunately, oh so true:

“Brilliant! Everything that is wrong with America in a single news story. Neo-Con extremism, the inability to distinguish between ‘Arab’ and ‘terrorist’, corporate kow-towing to inarticulate ranting, and huge diabetes-inducing donuts with icing on top.”

Whenever someone in America does something ridiculous, comments in the BBC are usually split – you have the non-Americans saying ‘well, that’s America for you’ while you have the Americans trying to convince BBC readers that they are not all like that.

I bought a black and white checkered keffiyeh for my little sister at a protest I went to in San Francisco a couple of years ago. I always thought the incorporation of this particular scarf into fashion here was a bit ridiculous as I went from surprise that more and more people were publicly displaying their solidarity with Palestine to the realization that the scarf was worn as a fashion statement, not a political statement.

Oh well. What can you do.

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