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Over at PC World, there is a list of the top 100 “tech gems” as picked and voted on by PC World editors and readers. For no special reason whatsoever, I went down the list and picked out the sites/tech products that I either utilize or have used a bit.

1. Hulu – I have used once or twice.
2. Apple iPhone
3. Facebook – Ok, ok, I admit I’m on Facebook. Happy?!
4. Windows XP – still on my HP laptop!
9. Rock Band – I don’t have it but I’ve definitely played it.
10. Wikipedia – I heart this
11. Netflix
14. Craigslist
17. Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard – Came pre-installed on my Macbook Pro
19. Twitter
21. Mozilla Firefox 3
22. Safari (mobile browser, free) – makes browsing the internet on the iPhone just like real life!
23. – Although I admit I don’t visit as much as I should
25. Google Maps (Street View)
26. Apple Macbook Pro (Penryn series) – My first Mac!
30. Flickr
41. Google Gmail
48. The Consumerist – This blog recently earned a place in my RSS Feeds.
52. – I probably visit the tech page the most.
81. Youtube – Hasn’t everyone used this site?
90. Ubuntu Linux – I’ll be installing this on my HP any day now…
92. Digg
99. Lifehacker – Once again, I added to my RSS Feeds not to long ago

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