Geekier Than Most

So here’s the thing – I don’t really consider myself a geek. Maybe halfway there, but not really. However, compared to some people, my ‘normal’ would be considered incredibly geeky.

Case in point:

I was hanging out with my good friend Noureen the other day. I went for lunch with her and her husband Kamran when the discussion came to the Sex and the City Movie. The two of them liked it while I had never seen it or the show it was based off of. They talked about the character Samantha, who I know to be Kim Catrall so I just offered my take on her:

Me: “Yeah, I just know her as the Vulcan in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”
Kamran: “She was in that show?”
Me: “No, just in the movie.”
Kamran: “Was she an alien?”
Me: “She was a Vulcan.”
Noureen: “What did she look like?”
Me: “She was a Vulcan.”
Kamran: “Yeah, but what did she look like.”
Me: “She was a Vulcan.”
Noureen: “Vul…can?”

I mentally slapped my forehead at that point. I kept on repeating “Vulcan” because I assumed they would know what kind of character she played based off of that one word description.
“She had pointy ears.” I finally said.
“Ohhh,” they both responded. Now they got it.

Note to self: Not everyone knows anything about Star Trek so don’t assume they do.

Update: The Kimchi Ninja conducted a poll to discover if the general public knows who Vulcans are.

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  1. That’s my point. I think we live in our own world (that doesn’t have too high of a population) and sometimes fail to realize that there are people who won’t know AND that it’s perfectly all right that they don’t know. It’s just funny ’cause these two are good friends of mine :) (I should probably let them know I wrote about them).

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