Netflix Aims for the Heart

I meant to post about an issue close to my heart a while ago…

Netflix will soon be abandoning separate profile queues for one account.

This is absolutely ridiculous because it is such an awesome feature. You see, I only want one movie at a time. Back when I had my own account and was receiving 3 movies at a time, I realized it was a bit much for me. So, I canceled my account and started my own profile on my brother’s account, only receiving one movie at a time, which suited my tastes. My brother and I did not have to compete as to who’s movie got to ship next. Instead, he was doing his own thing with his one queue and I was doing my own thing with my own queue. When I returned a movie, the next film in my queue would ship. The movie would arrive with my name on it.

Anyways, you get the picture.

But after September 1, my queue and profile will simply go away.The queues will not even be merged. I don’t want to resort to competing for movies. My brother said that I can make my own account again and only do the 1 movie at a time option. Not only will that be a pain, but it will also be a bit more expensive than just getting that 1 more movie from my brother’s account.

Not cool, Netflix. Not cool.

David Pogue of the New York Times discusses this in his blog here.

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming number of complaints, Netflix has decided to keep the profiles feature. Woohoo! This means I can go back to mooching off of my brother’s account.

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