Trying to Find an Identity

I recently read the book How Does it Feel to be a Problem: Being Young and Arab in America.

It was a pretty good book in which the author, Moustafa Bayoumi talked with Arab youth from Brooklyn to discuss their life in this post-9/11 world. One thing that got me was that a few of the people go on a trip to the country where their parents emigrated from, such as Palestine or Iraq, and feel something. The country tugged at them and the trip strengthened their affiliation with it. They are Palestinian, Iraqi, or [fill in country here].

I read all this and felt a twinge of envy. I’ve been to the country of my Parents, Pakistan, and have not felt the slightest bit of affinity with the country. Why can’t I feel anything with something that is part of who I am? (No, I’m not soulless so no comments in that vein of thought :p)

Book Cover

Anyways, good book.

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