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There are a number of blogging websites available to the masses today. In order to differentiate themselves from one another, they may provide something unique to sway someone over to them. Tumblr is one such site.

Tumblr provides the user the ability to customize their post with templates catered to text, pictures, quotes, chats, links, audio, and video. I thought this was kind of cool, sort of like blogging when you don’t really have to much to say but when you still want to share something, even if it is just a link, a picture, something else that doesn’t warrant an explanation.

I wasn’t going to sign up though. I mean, I have a WordPress blog and I’m on Twitter. I’m on the internet enough, y’know?

Yeah, I signed up.

I didn’t really expect to do much of anything with it. I uploaded a couple of pictures and thought that was that. But then it started to be kind of fun, a link here, a quote there, etc. So figured now is the time to out my Tumblr blog:

Bushra’s Tumblr

Ok look, I’m not forcing anyone to follow my Tumblr. I don’t see web stats on it and there are no room for comments. Essentially, I won’t know if no one ever visits it or not. I just find it kind of fun. If you visit it, cool, if you’re thinking “Yet another thing bushra is on” no worries :)

By the way, quotes and chats are fair game, meaning if something interesting comes up in a conversation I have with someone, I can put it in my Tumblr if I want ;) (This disclaimer applies to all current content as well)

Cool thing about Tumblr: I got the ‘bushra’ username! Woohoo! In your face all other Bushras on the internet!

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