The Illogical Nature of TV’s “Smallville”

Most of my friends know that I’m a big Superman fan. He’s always been my favorite superhero despite the fact that many are hesitant to name him as their favorite because a) He’s too powerful b)They think there’s not much too him or c) He’s too well known and it is therefore cliched to think of him as one’s favorite. Even then, he’s still my favorite.

I have followed Superman in all the mediums – I read the comics for a few years, I’ve seen all the Superman movies, any animated series that featured Superman, any TV shows that featured him – reruns of the black and white Superman show with George Reaves, Superboy, Lois and Clark, and, the topic of this post, Smallville.

There was a buzz around Smallville when it first debuted on the WB more than 7 years ago. And indeed it did start off quite well. The premise was as follows – A toddler in a spaceship crash lands in Smallville, Kansas amid a meteor shower. The meteor shower killed several people in Smallville, including the parents of Clark’s future crush Lana, and also had the unintended consequence of infecting some residents with ‘meteor rock’ (kryptonite as Clark found out later). These same rocks weaken Clark (but you knew that).

Also, the series featured a friendship between Clark and his future nemesis Lex Luthor. They met in the first episode when Clark saved Lex’s life and thus began their friendship and, unbeknown Clark, Lex’s obsession with finding out what exactly it was Clark was hiding.

Unfortunately, the series delved into a series of soapy, filler episodes that outnumbered the good ones and Lana Lang, who Clark could not stop fawning over, was one of the worst characters on TV. Yet, years later, I was still watching due only to my allegiance to the Man of Steel. My perseverance has paid off as Smallville seems to be experiencing a creative resurgence as of late. Might this be due to Lana no longer being on the show? I admit, there’s more to it than that (different writers, etc( but it’s enough for me.

However, even though I enjoy watching Smallville, I still find myself talking at the TV while I’m watching the episode because it’s just so illogical sometimes. Here are a few things:

-Clark has become a reporter at the Daily Planet despite his only experience stemming from writing an assignment or two for his high school paper 7 seasons ago. He hadn’t shown any interest at all in being a reporter and then all of a sudden he’s working at the Planet? Couldn’t the writers have spent two seconds to explain this? Maybe even Clark just saying “Good thing I got this job because I really like writing!” or something equivalently lame?

-These people never graduated from college. They all started at one point but then something happened to the school or something but then they never went back. Therefore, not only does Clark not have any experience to be a reporter, but he doesn’t even have a college degree. Lois doesn’t have a degree either.

-Back in Season 1, Smallville was far away from Metropolis. Now, it seems to be a few feet away as the characters live in Smallville and yet are happily commuting to Metropolis for their day jobs and in fact sometimes seem to make the round trip more than once in a day. And I’m not just talking about Clark zipping back and forth. I’m referring to the mortals on the show.

-Where’s Martha Kent? She’s a senator and all that for Kansas (yeah, I know) but there has been no mention of her for more than a season, even when Clark had disappeared for a few months. I mean, you don’t think she would care or something.

-Also, is Clark still running the farm? Sell the thing, man. You’re the only one who’s holding on.

Anyways, I’ll continue to watch Smallville until it’s no longer on. For the first time in a while, I’m interested in how the storylines will play out (although not looking forward to Lana showing up in 5 episodes this season). I just have to say that I know when the creators started Smallville, they were living by the mantra “No Flights, No Tights” but enough is enough. Put Clark in a costume and have him fly. It’s about time.

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