Urban Outfitters Selling “Allah” Bracelets?!

Urban Outfitters is selling a new bracelet! Why do I care, you ask. Here’s a picture of it:

It’s Arabic! It says “Allah”, which means “God” in English. Muslims all over the world and Arab Christians would recognize that writing anywhere. It’s not one of those “if you look at it in the mirror, stand on your head, and squint then it sort of looks like…” Nope. It says “Allah”. The Arabic writing has the vowel symbols and everything (the ‘kasra’ and ‘shadda’ are plainly viewable).

I guess people can wear whatever they want but it does bother me when someone dons something as fashion without looking at what it actually means. This is like when Urban Outfitters started selling keffiyahs, which symbolizes Palestinian solidarity, and turned it into a fashion statement. Like people who wear Che Guevara shirts without even knowing who Che Guevara is. Like people who wear Superman shirts without even knowing anything beyond the basics. This is madness, I tell you!

That crazy lady from Fox news is going to be all over this one and Urban Outfitters will end up getting the same flak they got when they started selling keffiyahs: that they’re supporting terrorists. As much as I find it weird that they are selling something like this, that’s still a ridiculous sentiment to propose.

I guess we’ll see what happens. It says ‘Back in Stock’ but I’m only seeing news of this now.

I wonder if it’s strange that I sort of want one.

Oh hey everyone! I just wanted to give you a heads up – this is probably the first and last time that I use “Fashion” as a tag. I can’t really see myself writing about fashion related stuff in the future.

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