A Donnie Darko Sequel. *Sigh*

I was told once that I am a pretty dark person. I was told this after I proclaimed that Donnie Darko is one of my favorite movies. I can live with that.

From the very first time I watched Donnie Darko, there was something that drew me to it. I couldn’t quite explain my fascination with the movie, just that it somehow affected in a manner in which most movies don’t and nothing can tarnish that.

I hope.

You see, there’s a sequel that’s coming out.

I first heard about the sequel with a wall post on Facebook from my cousin’s friend, who knew I loved Donnie Darko. I researched it and then wrote the following on her wall in response to her initial post about whether I was excited about the sequel:

I won’t lie to you, the Donnie Darko sequel may prove troublesome as it may compromise the integrity of the original. The original writer/director, Richard Kelley, is not involved at all and the only returning character is the youngest sister. I’ll be interested to see the direction in takes though and hope it’s not being made to capitalize on the cult success of Donnie Darko. Crossing fingers now…

This was followed up with another post on her wall in which I acknowledged that I may have been a bit too serious *cough*.

io9 had an article today about the Donnie Darko sequel titled S. Darko, which is coming out in April on DVD. I think I’m going to be too scared to watch it especially since it seems to have nothing to do with anything. I think I’ll just go ahead and watch Donnie Darko again and remember better times.

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