The Fallout of One Person’s Actions

So in my last post, I wrote about being worried that someone will judge all Muslims by something that I do. One’s actions and one’s religions do not go hand in hand but I know that I represent Islam to some so that’s why I’m aware of what it is I do.

I’m reiterating the above because today there was some pretty gruesome news on the internet. The founder and CEO of Bridges TV, a channel created to help portray Muslims in a positive light, is accused of killing his wife. And not just killed. Beheaded.

Article – Prominent Orchard Park man charged with beheading his wife

Muzzammil Hassan’s heinous actions ended a life and ruined a family. I don’t want to lessen the severity of that but I need to add that this guy messed things up for Muslim Americans. He represented Islam to many, especially by creating Bridges TV and his continued actions in the Muslim community, and he blew it.

The article didn’t try to connect his actions with his religion but the anti-Islam sites already have. For some reason, people can’t seem to understand that just because a person happens to be one faith, there actions are not necessarily sanctioned by their religion. Only when a person’s faith is Islam is the religion used against them. This guy happened to be Muslim but it wasn’t Islam that told him to kill his wife, to behead her. I mean, what religion does tell one to do that?! Same as we wouldn’t bring in religion into acts of violence that occur all over this country, Islam shouldn’t be brought into the mix here as the cause.

I’m still incredibly shocked by this. Unfortunately, he didn’t just make himself out to be a wife killer, he made all Muslim men out to be potential wife killers. That’s not the way it should be but that’s how certain people will choose to see it. This guy just demolished the very roads he set out to pave and it’s incredibly sad.

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