Blog Retrospective

I happened to be reading through my old livejournal journal today and came across something I wrote back when I was unemployed a few years ago. I made a list of things I wanted to do in my free time. So, here is what I wrote back on Wednesday February 23, 1995 in italics. My notes will follow each list item:

-Write everyday. It doesn’t matter if it’s crap, I need to get into the practice of writing on a regular basis. I start writing and then I leave it alone for a while, which is what i need to stop doing.

I have been writing a bit more, but mostly for this blog. I still need to write more in general.

-Read more. This includes non fiction as well, such as religious books and books in which I can actually learn something.

I’ve read a lot more books since I wrote the above, including a lot of non-fiction books. However, I’m not done reading all the books I have so there are definitely a lot more I want to get to.

-Start taking more pictures. This task would include buying myself a better camera.

Totally started taking more pictures. Back then, the camera I used was the family’s first digital camera, a 3 megapixel Canon camera. It was good for what it was but I wanted to do so much more. I went from that camera to the Canon sd 700 IS (one of the first Image stabilization cameras), to the Canon sd 850 IS after the 700’s my LCD broke, and now to a Canon XSi. I still need to improve my photography skills though.

-Make a documentary. On what, I don’t know. I’m inspired after watching ‘The Yes Men’.

Uh, yeah. Haven’t gotten to this one yet.

-Pack a bag and move to Paris. Get myself an apartment. Write. Ride the Eurorail for awhile. Write. I’ll always have the apartment in Paris in which I can always go back to in between jaunts across the continent.

This would probably be classified as one of the not so realistic goals as mentioned above.

-Save the world

I’ll let Obama handle this one. And Superman.

-Make a connection with someone

I think I’ve made a connection with a lot of people since I wrote this but I still need to make that one connection with that special someone.

-Learn and then use more software, including the whole Macromedia Suite.

I’ve learned some software since I made the goal but haven’t yet learned anything in the (what was used to be called) Macromedia suite. I will soon get Dreamweaver and Flash though.

-Create a website chock full of stuff that everyone wants to read. It will then become a sensation overnight.

I think I was kidding about the overnight sensation part. I actually have created a website (this one, if you’re wondering ;) ) and it’s filled with stuff that some people want to read so I guess I’ve half accomplished this.

-Learn Arabic and French while brushing up on my Spanish and Urdu.

Hey, I finally started learning Arabic! Woohoo! Not French just yet. I have been looking through Urdu as well though. Cool, cool.

It’s been kind of weird to read some of the stuff I wrote on my livejournal. I seemed to be a bit more introspective in those posts, mostly because I knew only a few friends were reading it and that’s it.

I wrote the above 4 years ago and while it’s nice to know that I’ve made progress on a few of those, I still have a lot more I need to do.

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