Video Killed the Radio Star

So I volunteer for a media committee for the masjid in downtown San Jose and one of the guys on the committee produces shows from time to time. A few weeks ago, he wanted to get the Muslim perspective on the Obama presidency so he invited a few people and he planned to record them just giving their thoughts on the topic. I went because we were supposed to have a meeting right before that. As this guy set up all his stuff, he told me to sit with the other three people and I was like, dude, I didn’t know I was going to be on tape. But alas, I had no choice and sat with the others as we answered a few questions and gave our thoughts.

Anyways, that was a few weeks ago. He posted up a cut of the video on facebook, youtube, and who knows where else. A friend texted me today and said something positive about one of the comments I made on the video. I texted her back, saying that I couldn’t bear to watch it. I…just…can’t. I may or may not be bad in it and I wish I could have prepared for more than the 2 minutes I had. Maybe I even would have slapped on some lipstick or something and made an attempt to, at least, look like I spent some time getting ready.

Oh well. I guess one should always leave the house with the idea that one could be on camera in a moment’s notice.

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