Ten Years After Walking Across the Stage

Ten years ago, I graduated from high school, give or take a few days. I walked across the stage setup at my high school, shaking the principal’s hand while proudly taking my empty diploma holder (actual diploma to be picked up later) amidst the claps and hollers of the few people I actually knew among the 500+ people in my graduating class.

I already knew what I wanted to do in college and I figured within four years I would graduate, have a job lined up upon my last days of college, and everything would be hunky dory, so to speak.

Or not.

While not everything turned out the way I thought I would, I’m still really fortunate to be where I’m at right now: working with savings, being there for my family, and having a few really good friends (the kind that understand me and put up with my sarcasm and the weirdness that overcomes me with lack of food or an excess of caffeine). However, I’m still trying to find out what I want to do “when I grow up” even now, ten years later and a few weeks shy of my 28th birthday.

I used to think it was all about the money. Happiness would come with the bigger paycheck, I thought. That was the mentality that I had back in high school but in the ten years since, I’ve been leaning towards a different definition. Happiness is about figuring out what I want to do and and to just quit worrying about all the things I don’t have control over, an incredibly bad habit of mine.

Now I need to find what makes me happy, InshAllah ;)

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  1. You’re completely right. And it isn’t really that one thing will make you happy–it’s the combination of a number of things, as you mentioned: friends, family, savings, etc. I like to go by the words of “Wear Sunscreen”: ‘The most interesting people I kn0w didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t.” Also, aren’t we always in a state of becoming a better version of ourselves? I actually made that the theme of my recent solo for the studio showing–we’re always reaching towards something, trying to ameliorate ourselves. At any rate–I feel you.

  2. Thanks for the comment Beth. I like what you said: “Also, aren’t we always in a state of becoming a better version of ourselves?” It’s also important for me to take a step back and realize that this isn’t all just specific to me, that everyone goes through some version of trying to figure themselves out.

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