Definitely NOT Another Quiet Day at Work

[NOTE: Since I don’t usually blog about work, coworkers’ first initials are only used]

Thursday started off quietly enough. It was past 12 and I was sitting at my desk, staring at the computer and trying to think about the fastest way to go about the task at hand when T showed up at my cubicle, flip phone open and in hand.

“Uh, Bushra, since you’re the only other girl besides J around, I wanted to let you know… there’s something up with L”.

In fact, L’s water just broke.

The phone T was holding was L’s. J was looking up the number for the advice nurse and soon the three of us were waiting around near L while she was on the phone.

The nurse told her to come to the hospital and so there we were, the four of us – L, T, J, and myself, in J’s car, heading to the facility. L was having contractions in the car while we were on our way to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital, we made our way to the Labor and Delivery area where they were expecting L. Only one of us was allowed in the room with her so T took L’s side while J and I stayed in the waiting room, armed with everyone’s phone numbers. T and I texted back and forth as she updated me on the condition – baby’s heart rate strong, L doing fine, can you please call (specific coworker) and tell her to submit L’s project for her? I laughed at that last one. Then I got the text text that L definitely was in labor.

I called her husband to see where he was and later, updated him on L’s room. The three of us figured we would do a “hand off” once L’s husband got there. He arrived with a deer in headlights look as we brought him up to speed.

The three of us came back to work right after leaving L with her husband. J dropped us off and then headed home since she was still feeling a bit overwhelmed like T and I. I came back to my cube to find the red light of a voicemail on my phone and emails in my inbox telling me I was just assigned a short turnaround project.

I couldn’t sit still in my cubicle after all of that though. I bounced around the office and related the story to coworkers who hadn’t been around when the four of us left. I found it incredibly hard to get started on anything. I mean, do people know what just happened?! The importance of anything else paled in comparison to what was going on with L.

When I finally did settle in and try to get some work done, I saw an email that just came in from one of the managers… L had delivered a baby boy.

Right after I read that, I couldn’t keep the grin off my face. I joined my other coworkers to talk about the email we all just received, how incredibly happy the news was, and how crazily everything unfolded. Slowly, everyone went back to their respective cubes while I was reluctant, still talking to two others, still reflecting, still grinning. I started joking around: “I think I’m pretty emotional right now so don’t mind me if I start crying,” I said, sort of laughing. But then I stopped because right then, my eyes started welling up and so I headed back to my cube, blinking back tears.

I really couldn’t believe how everything turned out. The events of the day were so unreal. Everything – from L’s water breaking to the call to the advice nurse to the car ride to the contractions to the hospital to the delivery – all took place over about 3 hours. Before that, none of us had any idea that this was truly going to be a special day. Even though I only played a minimal part, it all felt pretty amazing.

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