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Asking yourself if you want an e-reader is a valid question – I mean, it can reduce clutter, it can be cheaper in the long run, more convenient, and all that good stuff.

I have to admit though, I’ve never been tempted by any e-reader, whether it be the Kindle, Nook, what have you. I like holding a book in my hands and reading it and putting it all up on my shelf (which I swear I’ll organize one day).

First and formost though, I love getting my books signed.

I’m not a serial book signing event attender though. I don’t go somewhere just for the sake of getting something signed. I’d rather only do it for books I really liked or for authors whose works I enjoy. It makes the experience a lot more gratifying that way. It was nice to talk to Dave Eggers about how much I loved Zeitoun while he drew a monster in my copy of The Wild Things and joke with Max Barry about using ‘Bushra’ as a character name (which led him to write in my book that it would be a total coincidence if he ever did do that). And on and on. Last night was a first as I got two books signed by people I actually knew at an event at the Commonwealth Club* in San Francisco, one by a former Arabic classmate of mine Zoe Ferraris for her book City of Veils and one by playwright Wajahat Ali for his play Domestic Crusaders. Incidentally, having someone you know sign a book for you is sort of weird but pretty cool. And yes, I am shamelessly promoting their stuff *cough*.

Bottom line is that getting stuff signed is just fun people. I couldn’t have done any of that with an e-book.

And with that, I leave you this comic from Penny Arcade (click to magnify):

*Is it just me or does it sound snooty when I say that I went to the Commonwealth Club? They put on tons of cool events though.

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  1. I love books. I also love getting them signed. I hope if I ever have a published novel, people will want me to sign their copies. One day I will own an ebook. One day.

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