Power to the People!

I have to be honest with you folks – I hadn’t updated in a while because nothing felt like it was worthy enough to write about while a revolution was going on halfway across the world. Since January 25th, the people of Egypt had been protesting in the streets against Hosni Mubarak’s regime and nothing I had going on could possibly measure up to that. In addition, I was having issues articulating how I felt about Egypt after reading through the constant Twitter updates about the situation. I didn’t have anything to add.

So now after all that has happened, I just want to say that when Mubarak resigned today, I was in complete awe of the Egyptian people because of all they accomplished. They started a revolution and they got Mubarak to resign. Peacefully!

I once had a discussion (argument?!) with someone about the point of protests. This individual pretty much thought they were stupid while I thought the opposite. We all have a right to have our voice heard and that right needs to be exercised when people are being oppressed.

So congratulations to the citizens of Egypt and to all that played a part in this revolution. You all are awesome. May the path to a better country that started with the resignation of Mubarak be an easy one, InshAllah!

Check out this video from Egypt – people’s reactions in Tahrir Square at the moment Mubarak resigns:

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