Out of the Comfort Zone and *Gasp* Talking to Strangers

I sometimes write for the online magazine Illume. My contributions consist mostly of reviews but I was asked to do an interview with the writer/director of the last movie I reviewed, Mooz-lum. Here’s the issue – I’ve never conducted an interview before. I never really wanted to mostly because I don’t know how to (it’s like one of those cycle things). Despite my misgivings, I ended up sending a message through the official website requesting an interview, thinking that it wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

A couple of weeks later, I got a call and a phone interview was set up. I’m not going to lie, the preparation was a bit nerve-wracking, mostly because I didn’t know how to prepare. Eventually the time for the interview came and went and, well, I think it went okay. For my first interview ever anyways :)

I thought I would put a small clip here from the interview- the part where I ask a question that was so insightful that it made the director pause and go “Whoa”.

No wait, hang on…

This is the part where I accidentally hung up on the director and tried to get him back on the phone. There’s a bit of silence in various places as I tried to call him back and kept on getting his voicemail. At the end of the clip, I’m able to finally reconnect with him. It’s funny now, not so much with the funny at the time:

Download Excerpt of Interview with Qasim Basir.

One of the biggest issues of me conducting an interview? The recording of my voice sounds SO WEIRD. I swear I don’t sound like that in real life people.

Here’s a link to the interview on Illume.

Methinks I want to conduct some interviews just for practice. Now knowing that it’s easy to record and that transcribing an interview didn’t take too much time at all, it would probably be a good idea to hone these skills.


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