Assistant *To* the Photographer

One of my buddies Soerha is getting married. One of my other buddies, Monica, is a photographer so we all went out yesterday to take engagement pictures of the couple.

I’m still trying to improve the way I take pictures, strategy and all that good stuff so my friend was awesome enough to let me watch so I went as the assistant. I held bags, lens caps, and even held the reflector (and I maybe accidentally blinded the couple one or twice). I have to say, I was pretty good at being the assistant to the photographer. For example, while we were taking pictures in the middle of the street in Oakland, everyone had to take a minute and admit that my announcement that a car was coming was nice and loud and sprinkled with the appropriate amount of alert.

Although Monica was using my SLR in parallel with hers, I realized I had my point and shoot on me so I took “meta pictures”, pictures of the photography shoot. While I shoot on full manual mode and in RAW on the SLR, I had the point and shoot set on Program mode and to shoot in JPEG format. Instead of uploading pics through Lightroom on my Mac and doing all editing there, I just uploaded through Picasa and didn’t do any editing before I uploaded them to Flickr. I’m going to go ahead and admit this – there was something rather nice about just taking pictures and uploading without too much thought at all.

I’m most definitely still going to work on skills (“mad skillz” if you will) as a photographer with the SLR but realized there’s no harm in taking pictures with the point and shoot. It was pretty nice to just snap away.

Fun times were had by all.

Soerha didn't really take to my suggestion of feeding Andrew...

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  1. Chuka Haeyo Soehra! (Not sure if I said that right. :)) IA I’m sure she’ll be a beautiful bride. And Monica looks pretty cool taking the pics. :)

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