Fasting Realizations – Necesito Qahwa

I’m going tell you all something that I figured out while fasting. Some of you may have already realized this on my behalf.

My entire life revolves around coffee.

Okay, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating (I”m a big fan of hyperbole, which is like the coolest, awesomest thing ever!) but it kind of sort of does.

This realization has become more and more evident this Ramadan. Yesterday, I BARTed over to San Francisco with my siblings to participate in pretty cool event (more on that later). We had to get off at the Civic Center station. Normally, if I had to go to the city, I’d make an excuse to get a mocha from somewhere before I got to where I had to be. It occurred to me as we were reaching Powell, the station before Civic Center, that I would have actually pad in time to get off Powell and get a mocha from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and then just walk over from there.

Once we got off Civic Center and started making our way to our destination, the mosque on Jones St., I remembered the snazzy coffee bar a few blocks away from there and how I hadn’t had a mocha there in a while. I told myself that I have to make my way back there after Ramadan to hit it up again. The thought of getting coffee crossed my mind twice within about 10 minutes.

Then at work, it hit me today why things seemed slightly off – I was so used to going out and getting coffee almost every single day. It was part of my routine. The interesting part is that it’s not even necessarily all about just drinking coffee, it’s that the actual act of getting coffee is so ingrained in my life that it’s been rather difficult for me to have stopped that activity completely.

So let’s see… when I’m at work, I think about when I’m going for coffee. When I’m out and about, I think about what coffee places are close by and whether or not I should grab something. I can’t even go to the mall in Ramadan because there’s no option for me to get coffee. Although, granted, that is a special case because I can’t handle the mall with its people and I need some sort of caffeinated sustenance to help me out. Otherwise, I may just end up talking to mannequins I run into.

I realize I’m rambling so let me wrap up – Ramadan makes me even more grateful for coffee, funny enough. Back in high school, my identity was slightly wrapped around the fact that I was the one who was into Superman. Now, I’m the one who’s into coffee. As much as I totally consider Superman ‘the man’, I much rather prefer this identity.

Meanwhile, I think I need to still go out for coffee during Ramadan. Minus the actual getting coffee part, that is. Stepping out of one’s cube and getting some fresh air does wonders.


The activity I spoke about above – I participated in an event called Project Feed on Sunday. A lot of us came together to make about 2,000 meals, which we then distributed while walking along the streets of San Francisco. It was a very cool and rewarding experience and I’m glad I took part in it. I hadn’t realized that the organizers do this about every month, not just in Ramadan. I’d definitely like to participate again.

Bagging 2K meals that we all prepared!

I hope everyone is having a fruitful and rewarding Ramadan so far!

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  1. I love this. Emily is partaking in the French pressing now. Great work on the volunteerism. I want to do that. That project sounds great. Let me know where I can sign up.

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