Ode to Chuck

Chuck is over. One of the TV shows that I watched regularly, that I looked forward to with each episode, finished its 5 year run last night. I get invested in the TV shows that I watch and felt the need to write about Chuck, much like I did when Battlestar Galactica ended. I would have written about Lost if it didn’t totally bum me out*…

So… Chuck

Like BSG, I didn’t watch Chuck when it first came on. I happened to watch the first episodes of the first season online (legally, thankyouverymuch) and quickly ran through them. Season 2 was next and I watched that through a mix of iTunes and Hulu. When Season 3 started up, I was ready.

Simply put, I loved Chuck. The show was a mix of comedy and spy stuff and had a great cast that made it all work. While everyone was good, the show wouldn’t have been even remotely believable if not for Zachary Levi who plays Chuck, the nerdy guy who quickly got in way over his head as he became a government asset while still working in the Nerd Herd at the Buy More (much like the Geek Squad at the Best Buy).

Granted, not every episode was perfect. Season 3 got off to a rocky start but then definitely got better. And of course, like any series, there was an episode here or there that didn’t quite mesh the way it should have. In the end, unlike with Smallville when I couldn’t wait to have that show finish so I wouldn’t feel obligated to watch it anymore, I’m going to miss Chuck. I think the finale ended really well last night and although I’m still feeling slightly sad by a few things that had happened, ultimately I’m optimistic about what the ending of the show meant (why yes, those are vague statements but I don’t want to spoil the finale at all).

Here are a couple of moments that really exemplify the kind of show Chuck was (kinda sorta spoilers). You have to go to Youtube to watch the actual videos since the embed feature was disabled:

Season 2 – In order to get the codes for a missile, Chuck had to get all the way to the end of an arcade game, which was proving to be difficult until he realized that the pattern to the game was in line of Rush’s Tom Sawyer. Meanwhile Sarah, his handler/partner had to find the baddies:

Chuck Vs Tom Sawyer

Season 2 finale – Chuck has his friend stall his sister’s wedding while he tried to deal with the evil spy group Fulcrum. His friend stalled the wedding by letting two guys from the Buy More (Jeffster!) play Mr. Roboto in front of all the guests, all which havoc is being wreaked in the next room:

Chuck and Mr. Roboto

Goodbye Chuck, you will be missed!

Further reading – check out my post on Zachary Levi’s movie Shades of Ray, where he plays a half-white, half-Pakistani guy.

*SPOILERS ON LOST: The thing with Lost that seriously made me feel sad for a few days was the fact that Jack and the crew went back to the the island for nothing. Yes, Jack thought they had to go back but we all found out later that it was all just a trick so that one guy could return to the island in the form of Locke. More people died than they had to. Sawyer and Juliette could’ve played out the happy life they had for themselves in the past but that was all ruined by the appearance of the Oceanic 6, who all could have moved on had they just stayed in the present. To find out that it was all for nothing… that just got me.

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  1. I completely disagree with you both on Lost. I thought it was a great ending and anything less would not have done the show any justice.

    We’ll have to discuss this sometime.

    Chuck’s ending was exactly what I envisioned. They came around full circle. The show had always been about Sarah and him.

    John Casey rules.

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