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The problem with Facebook and Twitter is that people post so many articles that are worth reading that you can really abandon all your plans for the day and spend your time reading the content. Of course, I wouldn’t actually ever do that (Hi, all my coworkers reading this, I do work, I promise!) but I wanted to share some of the articles from this previous week that I came across, eventually read when I had a minute (or 10), and wanted to pass along:

How Islamic is Islamic State? This article, written by Mehdi Hasan, goes into the ideology behind the actions of ISIS. Some people say that while ISIS doesn’t represent mainstream Islam, their acts are based on some form of Islam, albeit an extreme interpretation. But is that true? Is ISIS really based even on an extreme form of the religion that I am part of? Read the article but you’ll find out that no, their motivation doesn’t have anything to do with Islam and its teachings.

How long has Islam been in America? Read the short article called What Happened to America’s First Muslims about the presence of Islam in America, going all the way back to the 1600s. Side note: Also check out the book Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas

DC Comics is going to have yet another (sort of) relaunch of their characters! After the Convergence event, folks like Superman are even going to get new costumes.

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this particular costume but it may mean that I’ll pick up a few Superman comic books to check out the story, like I did when the new 52 launch happened.

And… last one:

I happened to hear this story on NPR a few days ago that I think is worth a listen: In The West Bank, Living Side By Side — But Agreeing On Nothing. It’s interesting to hear about different perspectives of the same topic, an illegal settlement in the West Bank. By the way, the fact that I just called the settlements illegal isn’t just my opinion, it’s acknowledged by many countries.

While reading through all the stuff that people posted, I’m sure I missed a ton of good articles but I wanted to at least point out the above. Okay, so maybe Superman changing his costume wouldn’t qualify as news to some people as much as it is to me but I thought you should all be aware at the very least :)

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  1. Salaam, I feel the same way about all the great articles shared on social media.

    I read the MH piece,though I think I maybe didn’t finish it, so will revisit. Or maybe I just favorited it and didn’t read it lol. Seriously not sure.

    Yeah I caught the NPR piece. That was intense.

    1. Haha, yeah, with the Mehdi Hasan piece I had to actively remember to look that up later to read. I don’t know how many I never even get back to!

      Thanks for reading!

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