Ramadaning It Up This Year

So, I was looking back at what I wrote in this blog during previous Ramadans. Why do you read your own stuff Bushra, you ask, you narcissist you! Well here’s the deal. One time I set out to write a post on Ramadan and realized I had written almost exactly the same thing the year before: “It’s Ramadan again and look at me, I’m fasting! I’m pretty awesome! And also, sleepy, please be nice to me.”*

I was a bit surprised then when I read what I wrote last year.

Apparently, I was in a bit of a “mood” and didn’t feel like I was getting the most out of the holy month due to the funk I was in. Funny enough, I barely remember writing that.

I want to strike a different note this year.

There’s a lot I want to accomplish this Ramadan – read books (or maybe just “book” singular) pertinent to spiritual growth, take advantage of the fewer calories I’ll be consuming and complement that with exercise to lose the few pounds that have been eluding me, and even getting back to learning Urdu and Arabic. I’ll have to do all of this alongside the practices that are encouraged during this month, such as reading the Qur’an and extra prayers.

I want to emerge from this Ramadan a better version of myself. That’s the goal anyways. I’m sounding a bit too optimistic, I know, but I’m really hoping I can accomplish the above, InshAllah. I mean, I have my cinnamon bread and coffee for my requisite pre-dawn French Toast and cuppa joe, kale to eat after I break my fast with dates and water, prayer books…ready to go!

Ramadan Mubarak! InshAllah may all of us have a blessed Ramadan.

Here’s an article over at The Guardian explaining Ramadan: Ramadan: a guide to the Islamic holy month. There’s no obligation to read it as there will be no quiz afterwards, I wanted to link to it just in case anyone wants to know what’s up with the Muslims for the next 30 days or so.

*I’m paraphrasing.

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  1. Ramadan Mubarak sister to you and all your family -May Allah give you happiness and strength during this period !!

    1. Thanks! It’s already been a week! Ramadan always seems to go by really fast. Hopefully I can get to all my goals :)

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