This Ramadan’s Coffee Obsession

I’ve been getting a lot of hits on a blog post I wrote a few years ago about drinking coffee in Ramadan. People have been searching about whether or not it’s okay to drink coffee during Ramadan and have been landing on that post, funny enough.

I reread that blog post and first of all, sorry to all of those who ended up there as I spent the first half of that post writing about how going to Whole Foods while fasting isn’t a great idea.

Second, I want to say that yes, it’s totally okay to drink coffee in Ramadan, as long as it’s not while you are actually fasting. That is key!

Some choose to give up coffee for the month for various reasons but personally, I’m finding that I’m having a cup during suhoor (while partaking in the pre-dawn meal) and after iftar time. I don’t drink coffee just to stay awake but because I really enjoy the actual experience of drinking it.

Which leads me to something I’ve become obsessed with as of late…

Stumptown Coffee’s Cold Brew, Coffee with Milk – the chocolate flavor.

Cold Brew in a carton, serves 2
Cold Brew in a carton, serves 2

I had the original flavor of this the first time I was in Portland last year. Stumptown is based in Portland, with several cafes in the area as well as a few in other states. In the cafe that I went to, they were selling their cold brew coffee milk and so I tried it out. I thought it was good but not really something I needed to have all the time.

And then.. AND THEN…

Stumptown recently came out with the chocolate version. They were selling it at my local Whole Foods and so I got one to try it out.


I was in love, my friends. This drink is milk, chocolate, and coffee. Refreshing, almost of a milkshake quality without being too sweet. Awesome.

Honestly, it’s my favorite thing to have this Ramadan at iftar time after I break my fast with dates and water. I don’t even need a lot of this, just a few sips are enough to put a ridiculous smile on my face.

If there’s a Stumptown around you, you can get this drink there. Otherwise, a Whole Foods might be your best bet. You an also email them at their Cold Brew site to find out where you can get some of this in your area.

Or if you know me in real life you can ask me. Chances are, I might have some on me.

Maybe I should get a box of Cocoa Puffs and try it with that…

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  1. Nooo – don’t do that.

    The Cocoa Puffs chocolate will dilute the Stumptown chocolate and make the whole thing too sweet. There’s no point!

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