Batman V Superman V Me

(Initial discussion has no spoilers. There are some spoilers at the very end, clearly marked)

Folks, Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice came out this past weekend. Due to the reviews, I had low expectations for the film. I had to watch it, of course, as I am a Superman fan but I couldn’t muster up the excitement that I wanted to feel. I didn’t even wear my Superman shirt to the movies because why bother. I knew I should’ve been more optimistic because I enjoyed Man of Steel quite a bit when it was released in 2013 even though its reviews were only okay but I couldn’t help but feel like this was not going to be the movie I wanted it to be.

When it was announced in what seems like a decade ago that Ben Affleck would be Batman in this movie, a coworker, knowing I’m into all of this, asked how I felt about the casting. I told her that there was no point in me dwelling on the casting because no matter what I thought, no matter how much I griped about it, it wouldn’t change anything so there’s no reason to get upset.

Truth was that the casting itself didn’t bother me. I didn’t want Batman in this movie at all. I like Batman just fine but bro just got some films. I wanted Man of Steel 2, an exploration of the characters set up in in the movie from 2013.

Instead, we got Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice OR: Bushra Spends 2.5 hours Fidgeting in Her Seat.

I understand that no one owes me anything. Suits in film studios aren’t sitting around tables asking what I want. They need to make money. Fine, I get this. But have some faith in Superman and make a good movie that focuses on him instead of making a boring one that’s chock full of characters and clocks in at 2 and a half hours (quick tip, to cut off 10 minutes, someone could’ve taken out the random acts of slo-mo).

The biggest disappointment for me in this film was how Superman was portrayed. I like Henry Cavill as Superman but he wasn’t given much to do here and a lot of what he was given doesn’t really seem in line for how Superman (and Clark Kent) would act. One specific incident that I can talk about without spoiling anything was when Clark shot back at Perry White for not allowing him to follow his story. The Clark Kent I know would’ve done the story Perry wanted him to while investigating the other story that he wanted to follow. Seriously though, did this Clark Kent even go to school to be a journalist? It’s like in Smallville when Clark Kent starts working at the Daily Planet without a proper education and experience.

I found it interesting too that this isn’t even the Batman we know from the films. Batfleck has gone through a whole host of other issues than the previous film Batman played by Christian Bale had and so we know next to nothing about this particular Batman’s journey. We do know that something happened to his Robin via Joker but we don’t know the specifics, if that led for him to hang his cape and stop fighting crime, or anything else. Instead we get yet another scene about his life that everyone already knows about – how his parents were killed. Not to sound crass, but we all know how his parents were killed and if you didn’t, congrats to you oh one person, this scene was just for you.

Another offense was that stuff just didn’t make sense. Because this movie is essentially the launch of the DC line of movies, there were scenes in this movie that were meant to set up the other films. The problem with that is that it created confusion with this film. There was one scene in particular that I won’t get into that just baffled me. When the movie was over, I couldn’t figure out what the purpose of that particular scene was until I realized that it probably never even had anything to do with BvS in the first place, that it was meant to set up the future Justice League movies.

Batman Versus Superman didn’t serve Superman well at all. It’s okay though because there are plenty of other sources that I can tap into to remind myself as to why Superman is my favorite superhero.

Excuse me while I queue up some episodes of Superman: The Animated Series

SPOILER thoughts:

– I need to quit watching trailers. I wish I didn’t know that Doomsday was going to show up. Watching the Doomsday plot line and all the ensuing carnage unfold makes me want to reread the entire Death and Life of Superman storyline in the comic books.

– I found it odd that Superman told Batman to not be Batman anymore and to quit terrorizing people. Batman was going after bad guys. I love Superman and all but he made it seem like Batman was going after good guys as well. I’m not saying that Batman’s brand of justice is warranted but Superman telling him how to run his city seems incredibly inappropriate. There should be some sort of vigilante etiquette that Superman should’ve followed here. Bad form, Kal-El.

– Is getting visions of a possible future a thing that Batman does? I don’t remember any of that from anywhere. Oh, and he has a “feeling” that he and Wonder Woman need to find and gather, “assemble” if you will, a league of metahumans. I get it, we’re gearing up for the Justice League movie but it’s convenient that Wayne has a feeling that they’ll have to get all the superpowered folks together.

– I dislike that a major conflict could’ve been prevented if Superman just talked to Batman. “Oh hey, can we not fight? Lex is playing us and he is holding my mom hostage.” Done. I’m pretty surprised that Batman’s reaction of Superman finally telling him what’s up as he has a kryptonite spear to his face wasn’t “Dude, why didn’t you tell me this in the first place?”

– I like Amy Adams as Lois Lane but that whole thing with dropping the spear in the water to get rid of it and then getting stuck while trying to fish it out five minutes later was a bit ludicrous.

– Raise your hand if you actually think that Superman will stay dead. Yeah, thought so.

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  1. Salaams –

    I haven’t seen the film yet and after adding your review to the plenty that have been negative – I’m almost thinking not to even bother seeing it.

    I too enjoyed Man of Steel and I’m not just saying this to agree with you, but I was also hoping that the next Superman film would have been Man of Steel 2.

    Anyways, I think my next film is Zootopia. Heard good reviews from my nieces, as well as even same-aged cousins and friends. And plus, Shakira :)


  2. Salams,

    I realized quite early on that this stuff didn’t make much sense. I shifted to watching things that have some relevance in real life.. either they show some form of NRI/Desi culture or boardline documentaries! Surprisingly though very fictional, I find Harry Potter far more interesting (I know). It’s probably all the magic :D


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