Finding the Ideal Hero in Captain America

Superman: No one stays good in this world.
– From Batman V Superman

Steve Rogers: I don’t mean to make things difficult.
Tony Stark: I know. Because you’re a very polite person.
Steve Rogers: If I see a situation pointed south, I can’t ignore it. Sometimes I wish I could.
Tony Stark: No, you don’t.
Steve Rogers: No… I don’t…
– From Captain America: Civil War

I never thought I’d be a fan of Captain America. I mean, his name is “Captain America” *cough* Propaganda *cough* but the Captain America movies have become my hands-down favorite Marvel films because of the hero and the characteristics he embodies.

I didn’t analyze my newfound interest in Captain America much more beyond that until the release of Batman V Superman back in March. I disliked that film a lot because of Superman’s portrayal. I read a ton of articles about the film and why it was so bad (honestly, I read too much about it but I was pretty upset and I sought others who felt the same) and a lot of parallels were made about Superman and Captain America. The film version of Superman couldn’t be counted on as the go-to hero who does the right thing in the face of opposition. People like me who are fans of the Last Son of Krypton who look to him for that very reason could no longer find logic to care for the film version of that character.

On the other hand, Captain America as written for the films and played by Chris Evans is the polar opposite. He is good to fault, always wanting to do the right thing even if it’s on the path of most resistance. Before the serum that turned him into Captain America even entered his system, Steve Rogers was already that kind of a person in his core being.

And that’s the Captain America of the new Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War. I’m not going into plot because there’s no need to say anything beyond it’s about Captain America being a good man, a loyal friend, and someone who understands the big picture and makes the active decision to not compromise his ideals. He doesn’t say ridiculous things like “No one stays good in this world” like Superman said in Batman V Superman in a scene that depicts Superman giving in to the other powers in the film. Instead, Steve Rogers knows that he can count on at least himself to stay good.

I gotta admit, I initially wasn’t too happy that this movie is chock full of superheroes but it really is a Captain America film at heart and also propels the Marvel franchise forward in a way that the other non-Avengers Marvel films don’t. I actually enjoyed this movie way more than the last Avengers movie, which was at best, ho-hum.

One thing I can seriously get used to from Winter Soldier and now Civil War are the fight scenes. I really appreciate the direction of the Russo brothers because, man, I love these scenes. Everything is so close, in your face, and real-looking the I can’t help but think about the first scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron and how fake that looked, with everyone driving around and fighting in the forest (or whatever that scene was) and how unrealistic everything seemed. And yet… you kind of have to watch Age of Ultron to get to know some of the characters that show up in this movie. Just get through it folks, knowing that after Age of Ultron, you too can partake in a viewing of Captain America: Civil War.

In the end, even though the film version of Superman isn’t for me, it almost doesn’t even matter anymore. I’ve got Captain America to fill the void. He represents the kind of hero that lives up to the ideals that everyone expects him to because he doesn’t know how to be anything else but be the best person he can be.

Random Thoughts
-When I watched Captain America: Winter Soldier, I had an almost immediate need to buy a Captain America shirt – I walked into a mall with a “Hot Topic don’t fail me now!” attitude – and it now joins my exclusive “shirts I wear when I go to the airport so people won’t be afraid of me” collection.

Guardians of the Galaxy is also up there on the list of favorite Marvel movies but I feel like that’s so different from the other ones we’ve gotten so far, that it’s in its own category.

-I have come to appreciate Chris Evans so much since he’s been Captain America. I have no idea what he’s like in “real life” but I have this feeling that you can’t play Captain America as good to a fault without it turning into a caricature if you don’t encompass some of that yourself. I get it, he’s an actor, but still! As an aside, here are a couple of other Chris Evans’ roles you should check out: Snowpiercer, Sunshine, and Puncture.

-I officially can’t wait for the Black Panther movie.

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    1. I don’t want to spoil anything! All I’ll say is that one can get around not watching the Iron Movies for example and not miss anything in the Avengers movies. However, Captain America Winter Soldier and Civil War have ramifications for the Marvel universe at large, making these movies must-watch for those who want to understand the Avengers films.

  1. Great post. Not sure if I will ever watch any of these movies, even though Guardians of the Galaxy looks funny. But, this is a priceless line, “shirts I wear when I go to the airport so people won’t be afraid of me” collection.” Love it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Awesome review Bushra!

    Yes, I’ve enjoyed the two Captain America films as well – and since my standard isn’t has high, I really like most of the other Marvel movies as well – Thor, Avengers and Iron Man, each in their own way of course. Didn’t see Ant Man, so that’s on my list too.

    LOOOOOOL at T-shirt story! I seriously laughed while reading that. Well done!

    And the one Chris Evans movie I remember that I enjoyed was Cellular and of course Fantastic Four, though I know those are not probably his best roles before Cap.

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