On Werewolves and Monsters. And Muslims.

In Stephen King’s classic book It, a group of children in Derry, Maine go up against an evil entity of some sort that at times takes the form of Pennywise the Clown (the reason many folks have an inherent fear of clowns). One of the kids Ben has an idea of fashioning silver slugs to use in a slingshot to inflict damage on the entity. The use of pure silver has been a thing in folklore, that a silver bullet can cause serious damage when used on werewolves and monsters. It makes sense then that Ben and the other kids thought of that the silver slugs would be effective against the evil that was haunting the children of Derry.

It was the first thing I thought of when I watched this video from AJ+ about a hate group in Texas who are preparing against the Muslim scourge. In the video, one guy among other things, talks about how they pack bullets in bacon grease and pig blood because “So that when you shoot a Muslim, they go straight to hell. that’s what they believe in their religion.”

(There is a curse word in there, FYI)

Let’s the start with the basics: No, no, no, no. Oh, and No. Muslims don’t believe we’ll go straight to hell if shot if shot by pig blood packed bullets. We’re not werewolves and monsters. We were not conjured up by the mind of Stephen King, genius as he may be.

There will be blood, sure, but that tends to happen when one’s skin is pierced by a bullet of any kind.

And let’s be real – if that was the secret to banishing Muslims to hell, do you honestly think we would let others know about it? It would be a tightly guarded secret my friends, one that would not be privy to a hate group.

I don’t know where this group got their information and it’s scary that the dude said it with full certainty that it’s what we believe in our religion. It becomes even more clear that they don’t know anything as you watch the video further based on the fact that they are conflating Orthodox Islam with Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers. The NOI and Black Panthers don’t believe in what this group is saying either so basically this group of supremacists is misinformed on all levels. The problem is though, that they are being fueled by their ignorance and they are allowed to roam around believing in what they do while being armed, and it’s all good apparently. Check out this article on that: Hate Group in Texas Threatens to Kill Muslims — And Nobody Asks Where the Group Was Radicalized

It’s crazy that so many people are so willing to believe outlandish tales without the willingness to find out the validity in such absurdities.

Side note: This video was shared by multiple friends on my Facebook feed so much that I hadn’t felt the need to share it myself. I wonder about that though. The stuff on our newsfeed is of course dependent on who we are friends with and what pages we “like.” Because of the type of people I’m friends with, my newsfeed, among all the “Tasty” videos, leans left politically and also has a lot of Muslim-related stories. People who are close to me in real life may not understand the full spectrum of what I may tend to see on almost a daily basis – videos like of this group, multiple stories of people getting kicked off planes and cafes, and other stories about Islamophobia. /random statement

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